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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Obiously I'm asking rhetorical questions.

I find Porsche is pretty backward when it comes to tech and engines. Once they start to gain access to Audi's tech, I will start to consider a Panny instead of an M5. Until then, it's no context imo.

My guess is that the next gen GTS will have the Audi S8 engine and it will be glorious.
Porsche is even more rigid than BMW about keeping models within performance class. The GTS series will never be higher than Turbo or Turbo S. This case with all of their models.

With all of the problems in this world, I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have a few restless nights over choosing between a S7, 991, 991S, M5, M6, Panamera S, Panamera 4S, Panamera GTS, and Panamera Turbo. All were great cars, but in the end, ironically, I feel in love with the way the Panamera looked. But, I have loved hatchbacks since my first car, a 82 Toyota Supra.

Six months ago, I was DEAD SURE that a Singapore Gray M6 with Sahkir and Carbon interior was going to be my car. I was so certain that I would buy it and keep it for 10 years. But as more images were released, the more reviews I read, the more I saw the car in person, and finally on the test drive, I didn't love it. Similar feeling for the M5. Now, if I wanted to spend the extra money, I would love it for my wife and drive it every now and then