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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot
What I think:

1) Sedan market is bigger than Coupe/Cabrio market
2) M5 is the best sedan on the market so it gets a disproportionate share of the high end sedans
3) There are many other competitors in the coupe/cabrio space, some of which are quite credible. I wouldn't say the M6 is the best coupe/cabrio - Maybe cars from Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari can claim that. But regardless of your budget, you can't beat an M5. So M6 doesn't get a disproprtionate share, and is has fiercer competition in a smaller market.
It's all about the market share.
There always has been a bigger market for sedan than coupes.
You can ask the same question why are there more 3 series sedan than coupe. I think you'll get the same answers.
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