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2013 M5 Lease Help

I recently just took delivery of a leased M3. My dad loves the car and is now looking at buying an M5. Well the dealership I leased my car through gave me a great deal on my M3, I am very happy with it.

Well we go and test drive the M5, my dad loves it, and says he's going to buy one. The dealership is going to take $2,500 off the price of the car as they won't budge otherwise. With an additional BMW $2,700 incentive my dad is ready to pull the trigger.

However, this salesguy at the dealership (same one who did my M3) is in his own world apparently when it comes to this lease payment, or we are idiots.

I need some help in figuring out what the lease payment should be on this vehicle, and how in the hell this dealership got to $2,000. He's not really wanting to go back to this dealer, but if we can show them the payment is obviously wrong, he might give them a chance to fix it.

Anyway, here are the car details:

MSRP: $104,495.00
Negotiated Price: $102,000.00
Incentives: ($2,750)
Acquisition Fee: $925
Fees & Insurance: $427.75

Now, looking at the lease breakdown they sent us, I am not sure how to decipher this. It does not seem accurate.

Rate Information:

Retention Rate: 0.00097
Reserve Rate: 0.00040
Disclosed Rate: 0.00137

Residual Information:

Residual (Base): 48
Residual (bump) %: 2

Total Residual: $52,247.50

Now I may be wrong but is that saying the residual is 50%? I thought it was 58% for a '13 M5?

Also he is looking at putting down the largest MSD possible, so a money factor of 0.00137 doesn't seem right, can I get help on this?

Here's their monthly payment breakdown:

Monthly Payment: $1,856.61
Tax: $150.39 (8.1% in Nevada)
Total: $2,007.00

They also have listed on here that the capital cost of the car is $111,032.50. I don't understand where the hell this number comes from? They have inception fees listed at $10,429.75?

I would attach the PDF here but it has personal info on it. If you guys would like to see it I will do a screen cap but I hope I have all the pertinent info listed here.

Basically, I just need a breakdown of the lease details and what the actual payment should be with the negotiated price, the rebate, and with the maximum allowed MSD.

If anyone could help it would be GREATLY appreciated. If you think I'd be better off just posting the PDF I will do it and block out the personal info.

Oh and...

If there are any dealer sponsors on this forum, feel free to PM me and tell me if you can help my dad buy this car. He is ready to buy!