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Originally Posted by thebishman
Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
The bmw sensors have one vertically polarized laser diode per head as opposed to one horizontally polarized diode in the regular sensor. This means the BMW sensor can be mounted on its side vertically but cannot be mounted horizontally.

The HP head has 2 laser diodes per head instead of one, and one diode is horizontally polarized and the other vertically polarized. This gives both increased coverage area and also twice the jamming power.

So the BMW specific vertical sensor is a normal powered version, just with a different orientation of the emitter.

Do you think one of the HP emitters would work centred over the license plate?

If you mount in the grill up front with BMW sensor there is no need for HP. The BMW sensor delivered JTG performance.

On the rear I would think one sensor would be ok. But you have to test with lidar to know for sure.

I have found it much harder to measure speed on cars moving away then toward my lidar gun. With LI there is no reading at any range.

For an F10 I think there is no reason to use HP. Now a motor home on the other hand...
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