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No more waxing, Cquartz Finest

For years I have tried all kinds of products to protect my cars, but I was never satisfied. It didn't last long enough, or it did not protect the paint properly. I now had a shop apply two coats of Cquartz Finest to the body and the wheels and it is incredible.

Bird droppings do no longer burn into the paint. I let the car dry in the sun at 90F and all the deposits came off during a ride through rain. Brake dust does not stick to the wheels anymore. After a long drive and the front of the car being covered with dead bugs, I simply hose it down and wash the car without using any pressure and it flies off.

After 4 months of driving over 6,000 miles, look at how the hood of the car almost refuses to get wet. I have never seen anything like this. I will post another clip after the winter.