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Originally Posted by M-bitious View Post
You mean like this?
  1. You can store your key between the cupholders.
  2. With the M seats you can move the upper part of your backrest separate from the lower part.
  3. When cruising down the highway and needing to accelerate hard, punch the throttle and click the downshift paddle - the car will shift down to the optimal gear for accelerating. For example, it could shift from 7th to 4th in one shift - no need to click the paddle 3 times.
  4. Service menu fun.
    Press and hold the odometer reset button and at the same time turn the ignition on by pressing the start stop button. Release the odometer reset button, and you should see a menu of 4 items on the dashboard. From here, use the odometer reset button to advance to the next entry using a short press, and to select the desired entry using a long press.
  5. Move to the one labelled UNLOCK. You will be presented with a passkey screen. The passkey is the sum of the last 5 digits of your VIN. Increment the code by pressing the odometer button until you reach the calculated passkey. Then a long press of the odometer button to select it.With comfort access, when youíre putting something in your trunk, kick under your middle rear bumper and it will activate the trunk latch and open.
  6. You can set your M1 & M2 buttons through settings in iDrive but you can also set the car up the way you want and simply hold the M1 or M2 button down until you hear a beep. Its a lot easier then digging through settings to get it done.
  7. The car horn will honk twice if you don't have it in P and try to lock the doors from the outside.
  8. If you hold the unlock button on the remote it opens your windows. If you press the alarm button for a few seconds the lights come on, if you keep your hand on the door handle it opens or closes your windows. hold the lock button (on remote or door handle) : closes all windows & folds the side mirrors (unfolds automatically when you unlock next time). Once the carís alarm is switched on, you press the lock button briefly, it de-activates interior motion sensors (in case you leave someone or a pet in the car while locking).
  9. That there is a 5 dvd disc player in the glove compartment. I had to pull the plastic down to reveal it.

Of course I can't make it a sticky.
I dont beleive item #8 applies to the US, without a Coding Hack... Atleast the remote closing part. I beleive the open works.
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