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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post

Oh, one thing that I also learned this weekend is to not block the back seat footwells with crap. I was keeping a bunch of stuff behind my seat in the back seat footwell, like shirts, bags, cans, etc... Only because my trunk is empty and I didn't want stuff rolling around back there. After about a couple hours of driving, I could feel very hot air rising up from somewhere. I thought that it was coming from the center console. Then my passenger put their hand underneath my seat and said she almost burned her hand, it was so hot down there. We took all the crap from the footwell behind my seat and threw it on top of the back seat. It got cool underneath my seat again pretty quickly. I seriously thought we were going to start a fire in the car, it was so hot!
Did you have seat heaters on? I was amazed on how hot the seats get, even on the lowest setting.
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