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The IND F10 M5 Portfolio service

The IND Portfolio service- a comprehensive solution to design and build your dream BMW.

For years, all of us at IND have recognized that a great modified car is not simply the sum of a series of parts. The best cars are the result of a singular vision, a sense of focus and purpose that is built into each step taken, each component selected.

IND’s Portfolio service is a reflection of this philosophy. For 5 years, IND staff have served as not simply sales people, but as consultants to our clients. Each project starts with a series of conversations that asses the need of our client, along with their personality. From there our focus is to offer a complete theme, no matter how complex or simple the scope of the project, irrespective of the size of the budget.

Our proudest accomplishments have been cars that were not simply visually pleasing, but reflected our client’s personalities, dreams, and passions. The IND Portfolio service is a comprehensive, one stop solution to envision, plan, and create cars that best fit each driver.

Portfolio projects-