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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Yes - that exhaust is the perfect size and it really is true to the M5 design DNA. It looks like what it should look like from the factory.

The stance looks very good. Your rear photo is the key one and you have taken it to close. You need to take it from further back and lower down so you can see where the tires disappear into the bodywork.

After you've driven it for a while, let us know about exhaust sound and whether you have any rubbing - especially on the front tires.
Thanks for the advice on the pics, thats an easy one and will try get some more pics tomorrow (after a car wash if not raining).
No rubbing, we tested it on a steep driveway where you could postition either front or rear wheels right up in the wheel well and turn the front wheel and have clearance. This is why I think this is nailed with these spacers. A more aggressive look may result in rubbing which I can't deal with.
I like the stock 20's so I should be good to go for a bit.