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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
I was thinking of adding the leather dash option to my car but did not want to push back my delivery date as my flights are already booked. I’ve seen some posts about how adding more obscure options may delay the delivery. Im slated for a March 23rd delivery, so obviously the car is not in production yet. According to BMWUSA, there is not set production week either.

Has anyone made changes and not have it affect the original delivery date?

The process is as follows:
1) You ask dealer to order this.
2) Dealer asks his regional BMW rep
3) Regional rep makes request to BMW M Individual gmbh
4) BMW M Individual provides a quote
5) Dealer asks you to agree to quote - usually in writing but depends on dealer
6) Dealer submits confirmation if you agree
7) BMW puts the request into Indvidual
8) A scheduler at BMW Individual picks up the request and checks for available slots. If slot is later than 3 weeks before your ED date, then they may tell you it will require a delay and ask for your confirmation. You can choose at this point.
9) It is locked down in schedule, and at this point is very hard to change

So the process is slow. In my case it took them a month to process the request after I agreed to the quote. This then triggered a delay because there was only 6 weeks left. If they had processed it faster there would not have been a delay.

My takeaway is put the request in asap. If there is a delay they will offer you the opportunity to back out and keep the original date.
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