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Side Dimming Mirrors- Not dark/dimming enough

Any one experiences the same thing? My rear view mirror dims perfectly in night time driving. The exterior side mirrors, however, doesn't seem to dim or dim very little in night time driving.

I was trying to adjust the sensitivity of the dimming function but had no luck. All my previous BMWs, E46, E90, E92, X3 didn't have this problem before.

I may ask my SA about this in break in service due in 10 days.

**Note: Did a quick search and found few 13 X3 owners also have the same situation.

Originally Posted by 862743
Just to let you all know that my 2013 X3 (with premium package) both side mirrors do not dim - no reduction in glare from behind head lights at night. It's quite obvious since I also drive 2008 335 with this feature and what's a difference! I suspect faults in the electrical wiring (the dimming function requires small voltage supply to the glass) or the glass, or simply wrong glass (without dimming function). Will bring it in and expect the dealer/BMW to fix. I won't except "this is the way it works".
This was the FIRST thing I noticed with my 2013.

The simplest thing you can do is in the sunlight put your hand behind the mirror, watch it dim, and notice the side view mirrors DO NOT DIM. This is a feature included in the PREMIUM PACKAGE which I have.

OF NOTE though, I did notice the side view mirrors dim in a VERY SPECIFIC instance on the highway where it was very dark, I was the only one on the road, and someone with bright headlights was a very specific distance from me.

This leads me to believe it isn't the mirrors that are bad, yet the sensor, or sensitivity of the side mirrors.

This is definitely an issue, we're not idiots here. I've been driving BMWs since 2007 and all of them with the premium package - a little unusual for this to be the first thing I noticed.

I'd love to hear others input. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go outside in the dark tomorrow and shine a flashlight in the sensor to see if I can force them to dim."