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Real life experience w/ Frozen Silver???

Now that there must be some owners with this color, I'm curious to hear your experiences. I'm caught between Alpine White and Frozen Silver as a color choice for an upcoming ED order.

So, how does it look in person? Is it as amazing as the pictures indicate? We have had several titanium silver BMW's in the past and the color is well and good, but frozen silver seems like it could really be a winner on the F10 M5.

Are you still happy with the color decision? Worth the extra $$$ to you? Are you finding that it gets damaged more easily than a gloss clearcoat color?

I'm past the whole bit about "it's a fad", repair would be terrible, etc. Now I'm mainly interested in hearing what people think about the color having actually seen it in different lighting conditions.

Also, is it too much of a "look at me" color? I like my cars to be unique, which means I don't want to see the same car as mine at every traffic light (which is the main issue with AW, as everyone with a 550i or any other BMW in SoFla has the color). But I'm also not going through a mid-life crisis

Any and all thoughts and pictures (other than those in the master color photo thread) are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.