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Observations - so far....

So I am 5 weeks and 1,500 miles into my F10 M5 and thought I would share my thoughts.

It is helpful to note that I am coming from an E90 M3 for the past 3 years and E92 M3 Frozen Black garage queen, before that was an 05 E60 545i 6 speed, 01 E39 M5 and 97 E36 M3/4. Additionally, my father has a 10 X6M Dinan that I have a lot of seat miles in.

So my observations in no particular order ---

1. This car is FAST – scary FAST.
2. This car is big; obviously bigger than my E90 & E92 M3’s and feels bigger than my E60 545i and E39 M5
3. I think I like the E60 design/look better – don’t shoot me!
4. I wish the hood had a unique feature to differentiate it from other 5’s.
5. The technology in the car is amazing – not sure the Drivers Assistance Package is worth it – the side and top camera’s are, not sure about the rest.
6. The way it reads the “speed limit” through the connected drive is pretty cool.
7. What this car is “recording” about my driving is something I try not to think about.
8. DCT is amazing – prior to my E90 & E92 all my car’s had manuals and wouldn’t go back for all the tea in China – I don’t understand the whole “connected” argument guys make, but to each his own.
9. The DCT paddles are horrible – they feel short & awkward – why they didn’t use the paddles from the M3 & X6M is beyond me. They feel like the normal paddle shifters for a slush box - this is probably my biggest complaint at this point.
10. I love the “wheel button” on the steering wheel so that you can see what is playing on the radio/mp3 etc.
11. Getting surprisingly good gas mileage – way better than the E90/92
12. I love the “two kick” to open the trunk – very helpful!
13. Piano Black FTW!!!
14. I like my Akrapovic exhaust, although not as much as my Eisenmann Sport on my E90. Normally aspirated is just better than Twin Turbo!!
15. I wish I had more seat travel – I am 6’5” and my E90 gives me more leg room.
16. The HUD is awesome! A great improvement over the X6M and E60 545i
17. OMG, the brake dust is unlike any other car I have had.
18. All M cars should have an alcantara head liner!
19. See #1 – this car is FAST
20. Oil, it’s drinking oil – will be interesting to see if this lasts. This was not an issue with the X6M
21. Sakhir Orange is awesome; I get allsorts of thumbs up!
22. This Board is awesome for all the information and helpful tips!
23. I have a hard time differentiating a new 3, 5 or 7 when I see others on the road.
24. Glad I didn’t spend the $$ on the B&O
25. Loving my Modulare B18’s – a professional photo shoot was yesterday!!
26. Big SHOUT OUT to IND for their cosmetic package!!!
27. I wish you could get the Carbon Fiber roof from the factory!
28. That's all I can think of at the moment…..

Please feel free to add to the list.....
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