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Personally I wouldn't get flat paint unless it will be a car that you will garage and only pull out for show and or weekend driving. I almost got frozen white (on accident, long story and its all over this board) and I went through all the tribulations as you are asking now because I was trying to talk myself into it.

The bottom line is:

1) it IS a fad and not many people understand why it's done, they say 'oh look the paint shop let it go too early, hardee-har-har'..

2) if you rub it too hard you will absolutely polish it shiney and them your screwed

3) you cannot use a microfiber cloth on it and only regular soap

4) color match is a pain so Parts for that need to be color matched like replacing the reflectors on the bumper is almost impossible (happened to me with brilliant white that is not flat)

5) bird poop will not affect flat paint, that is a myth.

6) you will be unique, they are very infrequent but then again it makes everyone touch the car to leave finger prints

7) there is a clear coat on the car, its just a dull clear coat that can be buffed shiney... This is and was my biggest fear..... A shiney spot....

Hope this helps