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I appreciate the fact that this and other reviewers take time to cover a particular model car but I can't help cringing when I hear a reviewer (and I've heard several) make mistakes or important omissions in their reviews.

In this example he mentions the available "adaptive cruise control" and even explains its function. I don't believe it is an option on the 2013 M5 because I couldn't get it when I ordered mine ( please correct me if I'm wrong). Also he mentions the US cars are limited to 155 while Euro spec'd cars can reach "upwards of 190mph". Again, this is not entirely correct. As I understand it, all M5s are set to the same limit however for Europe there is an M training class that once completed will allow you to have your limiter reset to 195. As for omission examples, he covered the in-dash CD player but doesn't show the glove box mounted DVD changer even though he opens and covers the glove box. He also doesn't mention the night vision option.

Again, I'm happy there are reviewers out there and when I was doing my research I watched every one of them. However, IMHO, while this reviewer does cover the basics, the review itself is lackluster, lethargic and worst of all inaccurate. That said, I couldn't do a better job myself.