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HP gains w/ different exhausts...

Okay, let me see if I have this correct.

With just an axle back (i.e. slip-on), most systems show only a negligible hp improvement (i.e. less than 8hp), right?

Thus, it basically does not matter whether I select Meisterschaft or Eisenmann, 3D Design or anyone else? We're just talking sound improvements at this point and everything is in the range of about $4k?

For a full system, there seem to be more solid gains (which makes sense). Important to me are the gains without a tune or otherwise voiding my warranty.

Meisterschaft claims 30hp for their full system (90mm LXR pipe) and the setup costs about $6k.

Eisenmann can be purchased with their center pipe and total price is about $7k. Not certain about the piping diameter or the hp gains.

RPI claims theirs makes the most hp (have they published the number?). Their piping is 77mm and their price seems to be the lowest (close to $4k?).

Akra costs about $8k for a full system, but they only got 10hp and 13ft lbs torque.

So, if I want hp without a tune, it seems like the choices are Meisterschaft vs. RPI. On price, RPI seems like a winner if it can put up legit numbers. However, their 77mm tubing vs the 90mm tubing of the Meisterschaft seems like a significant difference. Can the RPI flow as well? How could it?

Looking for thoughts and opinions here as to what people are experiencing now that these systems have been out and in cars for awhile now.

Thanks in advance.