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Understandable on a smaller/mid sized racetrack where size/agility can make up for slower straight line performance. What's even crazier is that the F10 M5 SportAuto Nurburgring time equalled the M3's (at 8:05) despite the M5 having better tires (PSS vs PS2) and a DCT (the M3 was a manual) and that would be the type of track totally favoring the M5. M3 comp pack + DCT + PSS likely would have rendered the E9x a tad faster around the 'ring.

With 35-40 hp more and 150 lbs in weight savings vs E9x, the F80 M3 may break the 3 min barrier. Lower weight will be huge (just as we're seeing the disadvantages from higher weight with the M5).

Originally Posted by freeman727 View Post
I am seriously impressed with the e90 M3. It is 150+ HP down on the M5 but only 1 second off the pace.

Who here thinks the F10 M3 will go under 3:00?