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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Good question. The E46 chassis was less rigid vs the E90, but had excellent driving dynamics for its time (some claim superior to the E9x and F30). The size of the car/proportions, agility, tradeoffs (stiffer suspension vs ride quality), road feel (electric steering vs hydraulic), how confidence inspiring is the vehicle, etc all come into play. BMW choose to go larger/more comfortable/more insulated feel vs smaller/more agile, harder suspension, feeling the road, etc with essentially similar engine tech as prior gen. They're responding to what they perceive the general public to want (which is different from what harder core drivers want). Chassis rigidity is only one component of the total driving package. Cadillac is designing the ATS actually used the E46 driving dynamics as the benchmark for how the car is supposed to feel...and guess what happens, several reviews are lauding the Caddy as a worthy driver's car (looks aside).

nicely said! =]