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Originally Posted by ACSE90 View Post
Not much of a gap between Ferrari and Lexus. BMW faired well
FIVE SECONDS is not much of a gap!? That's embarrassing for the Lexus, especially considering how much more it costs than the Ferrari (before it was sold out, anyways). The Camaro is only like two seconds behind the LFA.

Originally Posted by kpjo4 View Post
so pretty much the f30 is a superior chassis but from the factory the e90 335i is faster than the f30 335i? why the heck would they do that?
Here's my take: The F30 335i is not the car for people on this forum, it was made more comfortable and quieter to appeal to the mass market who buys BMW, Benz and Audi cars mainly for the badge and the luxury. We already know the M135i has been mopping up the competition and that an M235i is on the way, I think an M335i will also eventually come to market and will slot in nicely between the 335i and the M3, while serving as a natural competitor to the Audi S4.

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