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Originally Posted by alexey21 View Post
So, following this forum for a long time now, and having an M5 placed on order for ED in May I start to wonder.

Did BMW screw up on the M5? It seems to be having mixed reviews from members on this forum. So say its to heavy, others say its just perfect.

I test drove the M5 before ordering it, I liked it, but what can a 10min test drive prove? So my question is... do you like it? Would you order it again, is the car worth every penny paid for?
You will not regret purchasing the new M5 in any way. This car is truly awesome. Remember, small complaints that you might read about here or anywhere else on the web or in print, often are based on quick test drives or are generated by people who don't even own the car. And, small complaints that come from real owners who have lived with the car for some time, are just that...small complaints. There is no such thing as a perfect vehicle, and in my humble opinion, the new M5 comes pretty damn close to perfection.

The steering, handling, acceleration, and comfort are really second to none. Additionally, for the price, the F10 M5 is such a great deal. I cannot think of another car at that price point that even comes close to delivering such a fantastic driving experience. I personally came from driving Mercs for almost a decade, and after driving the new M5 was I drawn to BMW. I had test driven other BMWs over the years, and it was only the 2013 M5 that compelled me to leave Mercedes.

I KNOW that I now have a car that will satisfy all my driving needs for the foreseeable future, and I am sure that you will feel the same after living with the M5 and experiencing it daily in real life driving scenarios.

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