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Originally Posted by Ironring Racing View Post
This is just getting old.

BMW continues to harvest it's driving focused reputation while releasing products that are slower and softer; with the goal not of producing the Ultimate Driving Machine, but of capturing market share by appealing to the middle/average consumer.

It results in a short term sales boost, until your reputation falters and people realize you're the new Toyota.

F30 335i 3 SECONDS slower than the E90 gen.
F30 335i just 0.7sec ahead of the Hyundai Genesis?
M5 & M6 get smoked by a Chevy, the SS 1LE, much less the ZL1? (Congrats to the Bow Tie crowd btw, wow!)
M5 now the HEAVIEST of the competition (C63 & S6-and it's AWD!!)!!?

It's sad to watch this company try to win the race to average.
I agree 100%. How depressing. Their so busy making so many cars from 1-10 series that they forget the driving dynamics and what made BMW great. How can a Camaro SS smoke them, not even a ZL1. I really impress with the new American cars that are coming out from ford and chevy and cady. Their really coming up with good performance cars. Yes maybe their interior isn't that great yet. But their performance package has been picking up.
I can imagine the new C7 coming up, that going to be a track killer, especially the new zr1. I'm a bimmer fan but sometimes this things makes you think what's so great about these new cars their producing? I dont know it's just my two cents. Well have to wait and see the M4 and M3 , hopefully they can shine some light on BMW.
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