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i have been quite critical of the M5 after having bought it being seduced by the torque, much lower price tag than the 911 Carrera Sand its comfort. now it has been with me for more than half a year and about 10K km.
a week ago i took the car from vienna to the italian alps via swiss passes and again it proved to be all that: a marvelously fast and comfortable cruiser which lets you travel virtually stress free.
but then yesterday i took the M5 on the route napoleon from cannes via grasse to digne, put everything into attack mode, superfast shifting mode etc....and the world was different. it came to life being a perfect match to the wonderful route napoleon tarmac with its fast curves, long stretches of straights and a few tight switchbacks. after returning to monte carlo the board computer showed 18.5 liters/100km petrol usage for the day trip.....---))))) but it was definitely worth it.
certainly, i am aware of the fact that the M5 is less apt for very tight mountain roads but it is wonderful on the route napoleon.
i stand by what i have already said: would i buy it again? no. do i regret buying it? no.
off now to the col de turini. will report back afterwards.

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So, following this forum for a long time now, and having an M5 placed on order for ED in May I start to wonder.

Did BMW screw up on the M5? It seems to be having mixed reviews from members on this forum. So say its to heavy, others say its just perfect.

I test drove the M5 before ordering it, I liked it, but what can a 10min test drive prove? So my question is... do you like it? Would you order it again, is the car worth every penny paid for?