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Originally Posted by mainly View Post
i dont regret buying the m5. i like it alot better than the cls63 i owned, but if i had my time back theres one other car i would have at least test drove before i bought the m5, thats the panamera gts. as ive heard several reviews that said it was just flat out better than the m5, and i havent heard ANYTHING, other than the looks, negative about the panamera. cant say that about the m5.
I can add some negative things about the Panamera for you - cos I did test drive it and decided against it:

1) Weak low-end torque - makes the car just not feel sporty. Once you've gone turbo, you can't go back. The Panamera seemed to have a power lag off the line. On a track this isn't issue because you can keep the revs at 5k+, but in day to day street driving, the car just feels slow because of the power lag at low rpms.

2) DCT is not as precise nor as quick as the one in the M5. It feels a generation older.

3) Car is too quiet with the exception of the exhaust which is better. But I prefer the sound experience of the M5 because you can hear the engine and the induction sound as well as the DCT (can hear DCT in both but sounds better in M5). It is a more comprehensive mechanical acoustic experience.

4) Thin steering wheel just detracts from driving experience. Doesn't give you as good a feeling of control. I would have had to buy an aftermarket steering wheel if I bought the Porsche.

5) Hard to drive with full road attention without a HUD. I had to use the rev gauge in the cluster to shift, and it was hard to shift as precisely as you can with the M-HUD. This to me greatly took away from the ability to use the Panamera as I can the M5. M5 is much more driveable when going all out.

6) Edginess. The M5 has a bit of edginess in the handling department the Porsche doesn't have. While the car has tremendous control, you can also drive it in a more pointy way with intentional oversteer. I think in M Dynamic Mode, the setup is just right in terms of giving you a bit of danger while sufficient safety net. The Porsche doesn't have as good a setting it just feels more neutral and therefore more dull.

7) Porsche's tech lags way behind Audi, and even further behind BMW. It is dated.
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