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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
FIVE SECONDS is not much of a gap!? That's embarrassing for the Lexus, especially considering how much more it costs than the Ferrari (before it was sold out, anyways). The Camaro is only like two seconds behind the LFA.
I agree five seconds is a pretty big gap. At the cost of the LFA, it should of been right there with the 458. But I don't think the LL5 category (2 cars) is fair this year for two reasons. 1. In the video, C&D said they borrowed the LFA from a generous individual and not Lexus (I bet they held back bit). 2. According to Chris Harris, Ferrari most likely sent a team of race engineers to set up the 458 for VIR to achieve the fastest possible lap time.

However, apart from the exotics. It seems pretty straightforward negating weather and conditions. BMW should look away with embarrassment after their numbers got posted. BMW = major fail!