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Think the point is that SportAuto (considered the semi official time), using same driver and an absolute bone-stock car does a one lap measurement (1 warm up, one flying which is timed, one cool down). That's a lot different than taking your tuning prototype car, tuning the suspension/settings for various laps, and trying this 40 times and pick out the lowest time around the track. The SportAuto times are almost never higher vs test drivers and test cars on the Nurburgring will often have modifications or be prototype/tuning models.

GM also did this with the Cadillac CTS-V...had the supercharger tuned for the high elevations of the Nurburgring. There's just a lot of gaming results when it comes to 'Ring times by certain manufacturers.

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Why? I don't see where in the article it mentions or implies the Camaro used to run the Nurburgring times was a ringer. Please explain.