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Originally Posted by ufgtrs2007 View Post
The new M5 outperforms the old M5 in every performance aspect. It is arguably the best car BMW makes right now. For all the haters that are trashing BMW M, there is truth that the division is geared more towards marketing and sales, but who can argue with that, BMW is a company and is run like a business. That's not however mutually exclusive from making incredibly capable cars. To me M cars were about the total package, not whether it could lap a circuit faster than any other competitor. After driving an M3 and now an M5, I would never consider a regular series BMW, that is just how good M cars are. And for those who continue to complain about the direction of M division, I hope that you don't just listen to forum banter but rather go and drive these cars and evaluate them yourselves. If you don't like them, buy something else.
I drove the M5 in Spain during the launch, and then at Philips Island (motoGP track) which is one of the local tracks I'm very familiar with. Both times, I was let down by the fact that this isn't a car you would track. Sure, it's quick (less so in the wet Ascari where it was a real handful), but you can feel the weight of the car. It was not pleasant thing to drive on the track. It doesn't have the tactile feeling of a true sports car, which M3 and 1M have abundant of. Now, I also drove the M5 in the Andalusia mountains and also locally in Melbourne, and that is where it made sense. The car is comfortable, mighty quick and can carry your whole family comfortably. And I think that is where the M5 should stay.