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Originally Posted by Marioalex24
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I hear alot of complainers, if you prefer the camaro or audi rs5 go buy them and post the picture to this thread, but you wont because bmw still makes the best all around car and i see no end to that legacy. You want bmw to make a car with the best luxury sport sex appeal and for 5k less than the competitor, cmon. The best way to show dislike is to take your $ elsewhere...
lol that's so true. As much as I miss the old M cars and the way they used to be. I would never buy a Merc or Audi. (Never say never) but that's what I think now. As much as the camaro zL1 killed every M car. I would rather used that money to buy an M3. We all know it bang for our buck. As much as I like the new zl1 or always loved the vettes I never went back after owning my first BMW.

In that case if myself and many don't like the new M cars that car coming out then we can still buy the previous years M cars. It's not like their isn't anymore around or for sale. Yes their used, but as we know BMW are made to last and I know because my moms BMW has been in a few big accidents and its still running strong if not better than a few other brands.

I've test drove the new M line up. Not my cup of tie, but not because of its performance but because its not my style, not even the E92 M3. I prefer the 1M. But that's what I like small cars. Like the mini coupe, e46 m3, 135i, lotus and future M2.

BMW is at its high because it makes every car to each person likes and expectations. That's why their making so many classes. How is a M5 going to perform like a camaro when it's a luxury yet sporty when u need it. You can track it, but it wasn't made for that. Yet the camaro zl1 was only made for one thing and that was track or performance, call it what you want. Your not going to take your family on a long trip with a loud exhaust or a uncomfortable suspension right.

The M5 is not a track car. Period. I think that is where most people are missing the point. I bought my M5 because I wanted a capable fun to drive executive salon that is a pleasure to drive in the city then on a long distance trip. There is no car on the market at its price point that compares to the M5. Yes it is heavy, but the DCT paired with the V8TT is pure pleasure to drive. If I wanted something to take to the track, an E92 M is what I would buy over any Chevy. It's the overall package, not that it does so well on a circuit. We're all boy racers at heart, but lets be honest, 99% of us are not buying these cars to track them seriously.