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Went to look at M5s, came home with a new 335 for the wife.

So I went to actually look at M5 color choices in person at my local dealer, and try and get a better understanding of where the full leather would cover, and a bunch of little things I have read on this forum over the past year. The car I looked at was parked in between a 650 droptop and a grancoupe.

By seeing these all in a row, two things immediately struck me -- the F10 body design is definitely the way to go... the Sixes, while neat, seem quite impractical: the 2-door is too big for a 2 door, and the 4 door is to small for a 4 door. I want a fast performance sedan by day, that I can put 4 adults in and go out to a nice restaurant by night. However, the front end lines, and the new squared off lighting give the newest cars (6,7, and even 3s) a more aggressive stance.

After seeing these, I told my CA that I wanted to wait till May and see what the LCI brings for the M5 -- Im am hoping it is the same as the whole 5 series, so I can place an ED order as soon as they are available.

As we are walking out, I see a black sapphire car with black out kidneys, and piano black trim that looked awesome, but didnt immediately identify it as a 3-series... To be honest, even though my wife had been in a 3335 for the past 3 years, I hadn't kept up with what exactly they had done to update them in the F30 line. Took it out for a spin, and got to experience a lot of the features BMW has placed in their cars over the past couple years (every car should have a HUD - and this one is much improved over initial variants). Decided I had to have something new from BMW in my garage this year, and worked a great trade on the spot.

Will have to wait till July? Sept? for the M5.

Oh, and the 335 has adjustable side bolsters....
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