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Originally Posted by johntomferg View Post
So, a friend-of-an-in-law's six year old son runs up to the car while we are talking about it and without hesitation [or warning] plops a book up on the hood and starts to press the crease out on it.

Happen so fast AND the kid was so clueless no point in getting mad about it... just removed the kid and book. Checked out the impact after they left.

It left some shallow hairline clearcoat scratches on the hood where the book was...[confirmed scratches and not dirt with some quick detailer]. Needless to say it is the end of a long day, and I am just a little saddened by it.

Should I just try a very light wax first? Some of you with more experience in BMW paint than I, please know that I'm open to pointers before I tackle it tomorrow. I'd prefer to avoid whipping out the orbital or needing to do much more than the effected area. [I'd prefer just to manually address the very small area of the hood with the scratches.]
You could google filler wax - there are several products mostly glazes and carnauba products. The trouble with these is you have to keep re-doing it.

I think the best answer is to just polish the hood panel. No need to do whole car.

What color is your car?