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I usually done chime in but I'm truly dissapointed. This is the same reason why I went back and forth wondering if I should purchase an e92 or go with an e46 for such a long time.

What's worse is while everyone raves that the new M3/M4 will be so much better, in reality its power output won't be jaw dropping. They already announced that it will have the same HP as the current M and that they will improve on torque and engine "weight." Come onnnn.... you aren't fooling anyone BMW! "engine weight reduction"!! really? all that so called "weight" will be allocated into the electronics or other BS the car doesn't really need. I will not waste my money on the next model M cars. I rather boost my e92 than go down a 70K money pit on a car that won't deliver to MY standards.

As much as I hate saying it, my next car (which is truly a bang for your buck in my opinion) will probably be the new ZO6.