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Worth the wait for the F10 M5 LCI?

Hi folks,

So I've decided to get an M5 after much consideration.

Now the question is, should I wait for the LCI? If I order the car in the next week or so, I'll probably get it in March or so. It's a long wait but I'd rather get it with the options/spec I want instead of settling for one on the lot.

I've read that the LCI is due later this year. Do you guys think it will be worth the wait? From that thread, deliveries will only be in September and perhaps may be later in my region.

If it is just a cosmetic change, I'd rather get the car earlier but again...want your thoughts.

P.S. Just to stoke the fire, the new E-class comes out in the middle of next year as well, so if I were to wait until September/October, why not just get a new E63 AMG at the start of its life-cycle?