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Originally Posted by wisesoul
Originally Posted by Rob///M5 View Post
Yes, they can, but you're stuck with Pirellis which are reportedly less sticky.
I think the stock rubber will be ok for now, definitely going 305s when I find the right brand.
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Awesome writeup thanks so much. You summed up the car great, so many of my passengers are sold on the new beast and I am sure I have sold a few for bmw!
You and I both! I don't want to put too many people in debt Thanks!

In other news, I was on the 605 earlier and encountered a new matte white CLS 63. I go next to him to give him a thumbs up and he just punches it. I slowly caught up again to try and give him a thumbs up and he flips me off and roars away Is the rivalry between MB and BMW such that owners are flat out disrespectful to each other?

Same thing happened to me with a E63 last week. I roll down my window to give him a thumbs and he shakes his head and gives me a thumbs down. Next thing I know light is green and he takes off. Well we hit the next light and i showed him who's boss. Not even close. We hit another light and same result he was seeing my tail lights. No red calipers on be E63 so I don't believe it had had performance package.