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Although the M5 has already been pre-tested with the 2012 Model for Europe and the rest of the world, the 2013 still had some kinks. Not all bugs will be ironed out even with the nth time. It is a fallacy that the next generation will have all the bugs sorted out. Only the real world use/experience will get them out in the open. There are latent bugs that just don't show themselves in tests and only when put out in the "real" world do they ever come out. If your excuse to delay is to get all the kinks out, then you will have to wait 'til never. Anyway, the LCI option may be something to wait for. I myself would not have gotten the 2013 M5 if it were not for hints that the 2013 MY might be the last M5 that may come out in manual for the U.S. market as per what the BMW M5 engineering head has strongly hinted.