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Originally Posted by mcvaughan View Post

I can't imagine one exhaust manufacturer finding much more power than any of the others though. Not knocking RPi, as I know they make quality products, but I don't believe marketing fluff.
Akropovic claims a 10hp gain over stock, which I think is amazing since they still have to comply with European decibal laws on their exhausts. Their build quality IS second to none I do agree, but to me they are more like pieces of art rather than performance oriented mods. If I had an Akropovic, I 'd want to permanently install a huge mirror under the car, just so I could admire its beauty. Also the titantium, while super strong and super light, is not the best metal for exhaust systems because it does not deal with heat well. Exhausts need to have flexibility of expanding and contracting in order to maximize air flow for heat disapation and power generation. That's why T-304 Stainless Steel is one of the best metals out there for exhausts and is RPi exclusively uses this type of metal. Just remember dudes, knowing is half the battle. :P