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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Yes, I already called RPi yesterday. Spoke to Eloy and told him that I wanted to do a section 3 full muffler delete designed by RPi. I said that if it was not possible then I would find a way to either have some independent shop design me one, or try to retrofit the Hartge section 3 to the RPi Full System. He said, no problem and it could be ready within the next 3 to 5 weeks hopefully.

I need more LOUD!!! LOL!! It's crazy to think that even with the Hartge mufflerless system, their full system still includes resonators and secondary cats, and still sounds that loud. Imagine what the RPi system will sound like with no mufflers, no cats, and no resonators!

Most people will think that I'm crazy, but I have a Sapphire Black M5, that gets like no attention from anyone, except for the random chase by CHP for sporting a badass Euro Plate. :P If I had gotten Sakhir Orange exterior color, then maybe not with the loud exhaust since the color is loud enough, but if you know anything about me I like to cause sonic booms with the sounds of my cars. I love loud things, I used to fly jets for the Air Force and Helicopters for the Navy so it's in my nature. LOL!

Oh also, RPi said that a muffler delete shouldn't affect the power generation of the system, if anything I might gain even more power.
I agree, I have the RPi Gt Exhaust for a week now and overall I am more than happy with the performance. Tons of power and highway pull is not for the faint of heart, just ask my wife, and the bruises she left on my arm, LOL! The sound is definitely louder than stock, but your right, it is still not loud enough! Can't wait to hear your car with the muffler delete. Pretty sure it would sound sick!