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M5 F10 as a Daily Use Car !!

Hi everyone,

As a passionate driver in the mid 30s of age, and a current 2008 BMW 5-Series owner who has been in love with the concept of BMW M5 since the high school days, I am considering the M5 F10 as my next car that I might order shortly...

Although I have rented one for a day to see how it feels, I have some questions to the current owners of M5 F10 that can be answered also partially by the M6 F12 owners:

1. Driving M5 F10 equipped with DCT 7-speed dual clutch gearbox everyday. Would this be a smooth experience? And how different would it be from a normal auto gearbox? Any issues worth highlighting?

2. I am concerned that after 9-12 months of driving the car I would say to myself that is enough of m5... Just because it is a sporty aggressive car. Any thoughts here?

3. Is there any common or known issues / problems with the 2013 model of the car (either electronic related or mechanical)?

Thanks in advance for all the helpful responses.