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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
I've been thinking of getting spacers but changed my mind. My main concern is rock chips.

I have clearbra on my rocker panels all the way back to behind the rear tires. However the coverage is designed for stock setup. It might need to go higher if the wheels extend out further.

I've been reading the M3 forums and it seems this is a real issue for them. For us it could be worse because our tires are stickier. Many of the M3 guys with spacers have extended clearbra coverage. Niko1414 has already reported a rock chip issue, and he has stock offsets.

Here's a quote from an M3 owner.

What are your thoughts on this?

+1, I have had the H&Rs on for 3k miles and I have had very little problems with rock chips.(no clear bra) My car is flawless, One on my back trunk, 2 on the front bumper, and none on the sideskirts, all I've fixed.(And I drive the hell out of her) The stance is still perfect for me and very aggressive even without spacers. For now I don't think its worth it.