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Gas consumption better?

Ok well I am not sure how many of you are doing on the fuel consumption front but I will go on record as saying that SO FAR this car is not better then my previous 911 (Targa4S) which I really pushed and only slight improved over the M5 E60 and I am still in break-in mode. I have MT and its always a good way to really gauge an engine's fuel efficiency because you are shifting (when you should) and not a computer. I was in my buddies car the other day and he has DCT, for him to get great efficiency I rarely saw the RPM needle go above 2krpm.

Here are some numbers..

Currently I am at 550km: 19.2L/KM = 12.25 MPG
My 911 over 20,000km was: 15.5L/KM = 15.8 MPG
My e60 over 16,000km was: 20.5L/KM = 11.47 MPG

I will admit that most of my driving is city based (not highway/freeway) but I always find it interesting to see what the manufacturers say I should get versus what a real world scenario is like. Yes its better then the e60 but not by much.

Here is the converter I used for my US friends
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