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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
1.) Can someone confirm that I do not need to do anything special at this time to have my transport to the the shipping center in Europe. I was told that I could take care of that in Munich at Welt with my delivery specialist (im not driving it in Munich since Im only going there for delivery, spending rest of trip in Italy.)
Nothing to do now. Your car will be prepped as if you were going to drive it away after taking delivery. When you check-in you will have the opportunity to arrange transportation if you do not want to drive it away after delivery. It's $60 Euro for a shipping company representative to drive it to the airport, $75 euro for them to send a flatbed truck to transport it to the airport.

The drive to the airport is only about 30 to 40 minutes depending on traffic. You should also consider driving it to the airport yourself.

Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
2.) I read in one of my emails forwarded along by my dealer regarding passport info - did you guys have to submit passport information to your dealer here in the states?
I recall providing my passport information. I think it's needed to prepare the necessary temporary registration and insurance.

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Thx - and anything else you can think of would be appreciated
Bring a camera for the delivery. Also, note they have food and beverages all day in the customer lounge, so you don't need to eat before heading to The Welt.
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