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Originally Posted by LAKEOM5 View Post
I still need to test my laser and radar to see how well it works. The radar doesn't seem to be sensitive enough so it may need relocation or adjustment.

I plan to get a lidar gun soon and make sure I am covered front and back.

MWLMD has his shifters on the furthest outer slat and protruding slightly.

I have mine on the second outer slat and more flush.

I know MWLMD has full coverage, I don't know how well I am doing as they were just installed.

The radar is new and hasn't had time to GPS lockout grocery stores etc so I need to be sure it is picking everything up. I have all mods turned on to make sure it's working.

Radar antenna is a big concern, will update
The location I think would be optimal for radar reception would be the driver's side foglight intake area. I may try this when I get time to relocate it. That said I have driven Atlanta-Miami twice, and Miami-Atlanta once with no tickets.
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