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Based on differing gas consumption with an M5 model being the constant, it seems that it is the type of (inefficient) driving that is leading to too much gas consumption. No matter how efficient a car is designed and constructed but with drivers doing inefficient driving methods, gas consumption will just go up. Say for instance that you see that the traffic light is red and you are 200 feet away, easing on the gas and using sheer momentum (say you are doing aroung 30-40mph) would be enough to get you close to to light and stop (brake) -- however if a driver still puts on gas just to get quicker to the same stopping spot, then the driver is just wasting gas. I could cite other methods of inefficient driving. Unless you are on a track and racing there is really no need to contantly step on the gas then quickly step on the brakes to control speed or slow down (unless of course for security or safety reasons). I have already driven 2400 miles and my gas consumption averages 20mpg.