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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
I think the point here which someone elluded to is the entire damn premise for M going turbo was efficiency!!! Without better efficiency than the benefit of the turbo is an absolute farse. So we get lag, low redline grunt monsters and no better mileage. I agree they are seeing no better mileage than hard driven e90 m3's and very mildly better than e60 m5's.

This is really big proof that M could have left the M department ALONE and stuck to their bread and butter, high revving race enginess and maybe lost 1-2 mpg on each car average in the M department which would not have any effect on fleet wide numbers.

And as owners say, what M buyer gives a crap about mileage? So at the end of the day the reason for going turbo and the benefits are really none. Low end torque wooo hoo
Bang on and exactly my point!!!
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