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Originally Posted by ihc View Post
Were you able to get the ED discount? What dealership did you use? My dealer in Chicago told me that ED discount program is no longer available.
I would talk to other dealers. It seems they are either saying that they won't offer a discount off of ED MSRP or are they saying the ED program is no longer available. If it's the former they are woefully out of touch with the current market for M5s, and if its the latter they are clearly not proficient with the ED program. Either way, working with them may be more trouble then it's worth, unless there's some other reason you'd stick with them.

There are many dealers around the country who will work with you on the basis of ED invoice + negotiated profit. The only issue you should be aware of is that ED cars need to be delivered to either the selling dealer or the BMW PC in South Carolina. So you'll potentially need to travel to pick-up the car or arrange for transportation at an additional cost. You should factor these costs into your negotiations. I negotiated a good deal with my dealer in NJ, I'd be happy to put you in touch with my CA if you're interested.

Good luck.
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