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Originally Posted by notsureyet View Post
Unless you're stuck in the middle of nowhere where it could take BMW Assist a couple of hours to reach you. Or worse yet, where there is no mobile phone coverage.

There could be a bunch of reasons - and honestly BMW not making place for a spare is just silly. Can't change that now so looking for alternate solutions...
I still have to find that middle of nowhere in the U.S. without cell coverage (though you may move/walk to a much better position/height for better reception). Even in the ski slopes, cell coverage is available, I was surprised even in the Alps that ski instructors/guides don't use 2-way phones anymore but use their cell phones. If one is too antsy about being left with flat tires with no cell coverage, then surely if you can afford an M5, you can afford to get satellite phone service. This way you will be convered even in the middle of the Amazon or the Empty Quarter with direct connection to the outside world.