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Originally Posted by chrisratz View Post
I'm either getting a donut or a full size front wheel/tire to carry in the trunk for future road trips.
It is always best to anticipate bad things that could happen on a trip and be prepared for it. In your case, you feel that carrying a donut/full wheel will be sufficient (what if you got 2 or 3 simultaneous blowouts, remember Murphy's Law?). Anyway, if it were me I would have rented a satellite phone. Even owning one is really not that expensive. Here in the U.S. Iridium Service at $50/month (20 mins. - North American 20 and 10mins. for international location) is good enough for emergencies. During my ED, I had anticipated emergency situations especially up in the Alps when taking the 7 passes we went though that I did contemplate on renting a satellite phone. I finally decided on just renting internet coverage (via cell connection) through Xcom Global. Per what my nephew experienced during the trip (he was my passenger), he was able to connect to the internet while we went through borders, passes, etc. and was able to make/receive international phone calls via voice over ip using Viber during the road trip.