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Originally Posted by akh23456 View Post
Hey guys thinking about pulling the trigger on a new F10 m5. How many of you guys went from the m3 to the new m5 and what are you opinions? What do you like better and what are some of the things you guys miss about you m3?

thanks guys
I came from E90 M3 6MT.

Negatives for new M5:

1. It's big!!!! I hate parking it, entering garages and pulling up to parking spots that have a curb in front. I just haven't gotten a "feel" for how close the nose is to curbs.

2. Front sets don't go back as far as they do in the M3. Stupid but true.

3. You feel more body roll in corners. I did however have H&R springs on my M3 so this may improve once I get springs for the M5.

4. LOVE the DCT

Positives for M5.

Everything else!

But the highlights for me have been:

1. Much quieter hwy cruiser when you want it to be.
2. Much better interior etc.
3. Thrust is addicting.
4. Much better range on a tank of gas.
5. Better stock exhaust note.

Overall very happy with my M5.

The F30 M3 might just be the best of both worlds!! Stay tuned. (no pun intended)

BTW, your 1/4 mile time seems low for an M3 with exhaust and tune. Any other mods on it?
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