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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Close to $3k with the BMWCCA discount. That includes 2 nights in the Hotel all meals. You just need to get to Spartanburg.
Do it Mark. It could be a ED reuninon if I can get Dave and Sam going......
Count me in ...

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
I can get a nonstop to CLT. Will also leave 7th am.
77 mi from Charlotte to Spartanburg. I'm driving that leg.
Barry maybe I should just stay in CA longer and then fly to Charlotte with you

Originally Posted by Tigumz View Post
Answer to your question is yes.
Am trying to change my March date to April.
I may just drive down there, hehe. Caravan anybody? Sam?
Tigumz, may work. I am on vacation the week of 3/25-3/29 hanging with Barry in CA. I have to see what the home boss says but could be a good plan!

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Please post or email me once you've registered and we can get a list going.
This is who I have confirmed so far: (from memory)

1. BarryB (Barry) +1
2. Runningthingz (Marko)
3. RobM5 (Rob)
4. M54ccibo (Chris)
5. Tigumz (Glenn) - need to change date
6. Un Gato

Mark, Blair, Sam and others are on the fence, C'mon guys
Count me in for this as well. Also how do we get the credit for the 1 day M school towards the 2 day M School?

Barry call me Wednesday to talk through details please