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Let's talk POWER!!

Coming from a 997 Turbo and 135i as a daily, I've been able to extract solid gains with basic boltons.

I'd love to hear from current owners and experts as to what they think this car will yield with these mods, and what they think the DCT will handle for torque!

- Tune
- Downpipes and exhaust (I would only do DPs to extract some sounds and mostly power)
- Proper intercoolers be it water to air or air to air
- Methanol injection. Twin CM10s with a 75% meth mix would be nice octane boost and would prevent heat soak.

If the car car does 540whp and 520 wt on an average dyno, is 650/600 the reality and probably the limits of what the stock clutches can manage?

I'm sure the X5/X6 guys can chime in.



Any ideas on the limits of the DCT?