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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
I know this has been mentioned before but I had never experienced what folks were talking about. In the past 10 days I have tried to use my NAV 3 times by entering a street address and starting guidance. EACH time my new M5 took me to the WRONG place!!! Once "at the destination" I would search the same address on my iPhone which would direct me to the correct place which on average is about 5 blocks away. How can this be the case? Is anyone aware of a software update or any such thing that fixes this? This basically makes the NAV unusable as far as I am concerned. Very frustrating.
A GPS system is only as good as the provided digital map. I have never experienced any problems yet with the M5 NAV system in the Queens,NYC and Nassau County LI area where I have used it so far. I have not had the chance using it around Manhattan where due to the tall buildings, GPS signal is sometimes lost (the system needs to be able to get signals from at least 4 satellites to pinpoint the car's location in space.

I have extensively used the system with the european digital map provided in a USB during my European Delivery trip from Munich (Germany) to Provence (Southern France) and every destination was spot on -- mind you I went to interesting and sometimes obscure European towns where an average tour won't include in their itinerary. The only time that I thought that the GPS lead me astray was to St. Paul de Vence in Southern France, but it turned out that I did not follow exactly where the GPS was leading me, however, once I did the turns exactly as instructed, I got there. Have you had BMW service take a look at you GPS system as something may not be properly working?