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Originally Posted by GhanemMBN View Post
Ill get the drag results within a few days, and by the way if top speed is the way you identify "fast car" we'll my 05' e55 reaches 328km on GPS! But if I race the m5 for example, he'll be way gone before I reach the top speed.
Dude bro, I know what you are saying. Perhaps you should retitle the thread, "Maybe the fastest accelerating F10 M5 in the world?!" That E55 sounds gnarly though!

However, you still haven't answered my question. I'll reiterate.

-Does PP-Performance offer ANY tune that just removes the top speed limiter without an increase in horsepower?

Or this question:

-Does ANY PP-Performance Tune also include removal of the top speed limiter?

Like I pointed out, Mahart Racing also has a tune, but they have stated that they still can't figure out how to remove the top speed limiter.

If PP-Performance or Manhart Racing or any other tuner, offered a tune just to remove the top speed limiter I will give them $50 bucks for their tune.

Like I said, not trying to start an interstellar conflict, that could costs thousands of wookies lives, just asking a simple question. Hopefully I won't have to send any Bothan spies to find out the answer.

Thanks and have a rad day sir.